Chris is a session guitarist, composer, and vintage gear fanatic.
He is also @djlavalamp, a pedal builder creating guitar effects pedals by hand. 
As a player and composer, Chris has experience in the studio and on tour with bands of various genres. His early career began with successful local bands in the Seattle area, and later collaborations with local bands and artists. After moving to Los Angeles, Chris began composing for commercials and other content. If you have a project that requires music, whether online, radio, or television, email Chris for access to his music library. Custom compositions are also available, so reach out to talk details. 
As a pedal builder, Chris hand wires the Rangemaster Treble Booster effects at his kitchen table in Los Angeles. The parts are sourced and pulled from vintage electronics, including tape players, recorders, projectors, radios, dictaphones, even an organ! Decals, knobs, switches, and more components are all used to create one-of-a-kind pedals. Visit his pages on Instagram or Reverb to see what pedals are currently available or in progress. Custom projects are welcome, so contact by email for more information. 
Outside of the (home) studio, Chris is a burger connoisseur and antique hunter. He has two studio dogs, Ren and Scruggs, as well as a very ample cat.